Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What a Surprise!

This morning my husband's alarm went off early which is strange for a few reasons. One he is on holiday this week and secondly he never leaves his phone on over night. Then I heard a mumble about Wellington. A piece of paper was waved in my face. We are going to Wellington. I was in total shock and it doesn't happen much but I was speechless. Anyway Ian knew I so much wanted to go to Wellington to see the Monet exhibition. After nearly 20 years of being married he still knows how to surprise me. He had organised child care and the next thing I knew we were on a plane. We had a fab day. If you are in Wellington and want to go to a fab cafe go to Caffe L'affare in College Street. So after food and great coffee we went to Te Papa and had a great time looking at these amazing paintings. Monet said "Colour is my day long obsession, joy and torment." Do you ever feel like that sometimes when you are card making. I certainly have my moments. So no cards made today but Sarah and I over the weekend made a few cards with Bugs and Kisses. One is a bookmark card and the other is my first waterfall card and it works.


kareN stampZ said...

what a super husband & lucky you - the cards are gorgeous too

Danielle Horne said...

What an awesome supprise :-) hope you had a fab day.

Love the cards, I so NEED that stamp set