Saturday, January 8, 2011

Birthday Blessings!

I celebrated my ? birthday on Friday and had a fantastic day. My fanfabulous (Made up word) husband surprised me with a lovely dinner with family and friends at the Iguacu restaurant in Parnell. It was a very special evening. I thought I would share some of the cards I received. I love receiving cards people have made for me. You know as a cardmaker there is often alot of thought and time that goes into these.
The first card was given to me by my very talented daughter Sarah. She also made the Artistic Etchings card which was commisioned by Ian.

My very good friend Anabel gave me a beautiful necklace which was presented in this box and a matching card.

My son Daniel took the photo. I suspect he did not want to be in it. The one with him in it, the birthday girl had her eyes closed!

So thank you for a most lovely day.


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Paula said...

Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Debbie! Isn't it great that we get so many gorgeous gifts and cards by other talented designers. All the more special becuase you were in mind when they made them?! Looks like you were spoilt - good for you!