Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The School Gala

The day of the school, gala welcomed us with blue skies and sunshine. There was a real festive feel in the air.
The arts and crafts stalls were inside and they included jewellery, spinning top making and scrapbooking packs, and my paper craft stall.
This is my stall:

The most popular things were the paperclip bookmarks, Christmas cakes, and card packs.

The day was very successful and enjoyed by all :-)



Anonymous said...

Wow, Debbie - your stall looks AMAZING! Your hard work is evident, so glad it paid off. I have our school gala in a few weeks, and have really appreciated you putting your projects up here, to help with ideas. Thank you.

Debbie Lamb said...

Debbie - you out did yourself and your stall does look amazing! You worked so hard and I hope it paid off. You had so many fabulous ideas and I hope you don't mind if I case some of them for our gala early December.

Karen Rogers said...

looks amazing - hope you found a few contacts too

Paula said...

Well done Debbie! Your stall looks amazing. Thank you for sahring all of your wonderful ideas with us. You have given me sooooo much inspiration for the stall I have coming up!